What is History? A critical review of E. H. Carr

TitleWhat is History? A critical review of E. H. Carr
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1435
AuthorsNawhami M
JournalIslamic Studies Bulletin
Date Published01/1435
Type of ArticleReview

E. H. Carr in 1961 delivered a series of six lectures at Cambridge University examining the question “What is history?” the title by which it was later published. The book discussed the nature of historiography in six sections; however, the content of these chapters can be simplified under three primary areas which embody Carr’s main arguments; (1) the influence of historians on history, (2) the nature of historical facts and (3) the subject matter of history. The will analyse these three points by evaluating Carr’s methodology and assessing its place and implication on past, present and future academic historiography.