Be generous, be fair. Make your rules positive, communicate it clearly and remind it often. Let the rules be soft but follow through consistently. Use threats sparingly and only threaten what you can deliver. Never threaten to call other peers for that will diminish your authority.  Enforcement of rules should never depend on your mood; consequences should always be predictable for only then will the rules will have a positive impact.

Reprimand at times will be necessary but it should ultimately always benefit the subordinate. Keep control, do not lower yourself or allow for unwarranted retaliation. Do not humiliate or embarrass the subordinate as it causes resentment and often leads to retaliation. This is especially so if the reprimand is done in front of others as they may play to the audience. Do not over-react for it will grow the problem and particularly be careful of blanket punishments for then even the good will reject you. If you need to reprimand, endeavour to do it privately for that will keep matters in control. Keep calm as it reduces tension and avoid shouting for it will diminish you. Listen attentively for you will earn respect; always ensure that the facts are clear before meting out punishment.

Muhammad Saifur Rahman Nawhami
12 Shaban 1439
29 April 2018