The minimum wait

TitleThe minimum wait
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1434
AuthorsNawhami M
JournalIslamic Studies Bulletin
Date Published01/1434

At the termination of a marriage, there is a mandatory waiting period before a woman is permitted to remarry; this is known as iddat. Marriage is terminated 1 due to the (1) husband’s death, (2) her being divorced or (3) both. In the first, for the widow, her iddat is four months and ten days 2. In the second, for the divorcee, the iddat is dependent on her circumstance; consummation and menstruation. In the third, for the divorcee who is widowed whilst in iddah, it is whichever wait is lengthier. Note! If the woman was (4) pregnant, giving birth will terminate the iddat in all these cases