London – Muslim Population 2011

TitleLondon – Muslim Population 2011
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1434
AuthorsNawhami M
Series TitleLondonISOC
Date Published02/1434

12.4% of London (4.8% of the population) are Muslims. This represents 37.4% of the Muslims in England and Wales. Majority (81%) of the Muslims in London live north of the River Thames with the outer regions of the city growing at a fast pace. Amongst these most are concentrated in East of London particularly Redbridge, Tower Hamlet, and Newham with the Muslims spreading East towards Barking & Dagenham and Havering. In the west of London Muslims are the largest in Brent and Ealing with the Muslims spreading towards Hillingdon and Harrow. In the north of London such as Waltham Forest and Enfield are also on the rise partly from first generation migrants and influx from Hackney and Haringey amongst others. The strongest concentration in the south of the river is in Croydon. Most of the remaining boroughs with sizeable Muslim directly south of the River with easy access from the North.