“Riding the wave after Ramadan” was first published in Ijtima #85. It was taken from a speech delivered by Shaykh al-Hadith Mufti Umar Faruq Lawharwi (May Allah aAlmightyraise him in ranks) on the 24 Ramadan 1434 in Madina Masjid (Clapton, London) after Asr (7:35 pm).1

His speaking style is different from the usual orators; his is multi-layered and interconnected. As such concentration is required to find the different messages and remember where one point connects directly with another. Hence, I thought that it may be more appropriate to clip the audio in relevant sections and combine without distortion so that it may be more accessible to the public.

The increase and decrease of Iman

If one ponders, there is another message (among others), one which is relevant to the Alim and the student of Din especially those in the final years studying Bukhari, Muslim and the like. There, an issue is discussed in Kitab al-Iman which queries that, “Does Iman itself increase or decrease?” (هل الإيمان يزيد و ينقص) The ulama are differed on this and many hours are spent trying to resolve it. Hadrat Shaykh Mufti Umar Faruq Sahib (مد فيوضهم) in a span of two minutes quaintly presents an explanation which calms the heart of a novice such as myself.

He explains the nature of the ocean; when there are waves it seems that there is more water but the quantity is actually the same. This is the same with Iman; the actual essence remains the same even though it seems to have increased. Iman increases like the increase of water in waves but the essence is unchanged. Hence, his description account for many of the questions that arise from the relevant Ahadith without arousing controversy or delving into the minutiae in the public sphere. (cf. Fath al-Mulhim as well as the topic relating to Iman Mu’li wa Munji for details).

Muhammad Saifur Rahman Nawhami
London England
29 Ramadan 1434
Wednesday, 7 August 2013

1. Unfortunately, I was not present at the majlis but managed to listen to it as it was broadcast online. Thereafter, Ml. Muzammil Kara kindly forwarded his recording from which I transcribed the relevant section.

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