How to record digital streaming audio

Lots of people are preoccupied at the time of the lecture and there is no guarantee that somebody will be recording it or if it will be made accessible. So the question arises, can I record the live stream and then listen to it later?

Atlas electronic dictionaries (Hardware)

These are a great solution for those who do not always have access to the internet. The Atlas brand provides multiple products in this field. These are single function devices even though the developers stuff them with unnecessary functions to justify their price. In this respect three are worthy of note. Atlas SD302 and L106 can be acquired for about £60 whilst A829 is approximately £200 (a bit steep for a single function device). Overall, these output superior translations than those available online through machine translation.

Makeshift Reporting Software (Word)

Here is a low tech, low cost solution to generating school reports which can be insightful and informative rather than a mundane task done purely as a bureaucratic endeavour.

Curriculum vitae - Alim

More and more today, the Ulama are required to provide a curriculum vitae (CV) to establish their credentials. In some cases it has become a legal requirement. I was requested to provide an outline of the Alim course. So I thought it may be beneficial to present a breakdown accompanied with the rationale. Additionally I created an editable template of a CV which the reader may change at their own leisure for reuse.

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