The class rules of Mufti Muzaffar Husayn

[There are general etiquettes and then there are etiquettes particular to teachers. The following are some classroom rules stated by Mufti Muzaffar Husayn who was the hadith teacher and former principal of Mazahirul Uloom in India. Wait for the lesson to start inside the class; do not loiter outside. Attend class and consistently so. Do not leave the classroom unnecessarily. Focus! Do not doodle, text or distract others during lesson. Do not do anything which is unrelated to the current lesson during lesson time such as grooming or reading a novel.

The cure to speaking jitters

Do the speeches nonetheless and in time the nervousness will go - [all that will remain will be sincerity]. All that is needed is to want change genuinely, start sincerely and get on with it. Leave the rest to Allah almighty. Let us not allow Shaytan to deceive us from doing what is right.

Guidance on choosing A-Levels

University degrees are designated either as 'Arts' or 'Science'. In order to have a more wider option you need to demonstrate you can do both. You should choose the 'traditional' subjects. English, Mathematics, Economics and perhaps depending on your university pathway one of the three natural sciences..These encompass nearly any of the other subject you may choose. This is arguable and not set in stone but perhaps a good benchmark if you are undecided as to where you are heading.

A teacher's wish

If you wish to thank the teacher, then know this that more than gifts and food, it is your practice upon the shariah, which is ample thanks for that is a something insha-Allah will be shown to us in the hereafter. Pray for us and we shall pray especially that you excel. We are your past and you are our future.

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