Sunday, January 20, 2019
This report outlines the price of wheat in Newham (London) during Ramadan, 1439 (July, 2018) and the subsequent recommendation for the rate of sadaqat al-fitr and fidyah. The recommended price for sadaqat al-fitr and fidyah in Newham is £2.54. It should not be lower than £1.65.
Around our parts, lillah is deemed as unrestricted funds, sadaqah as partially restricted funds which can be used for public works (رفاه عام) according to some while zakat is fully restricted funds which must be only given to specified categories.
In terms of ownership of assets there are four classes. There are those who have plenty and there are those who do not have enough. The first are the privileged and the second underprivileged. The privileged may be (1)...
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