Schools in London (July, 2015)

This is an update on the previous report entitled, Schools in London (July, 2013)

This report reviews Islamic primary, secondary schools and sixth-forms (ages 5-19) in Greater London. It reviews (1) how many institutes there are and their capacity, (2) where they are, and (3) how much they charge. What constitutes an Islamic school is a subject of another article. Suffices it to say in this report it refers to those institutes which declared to the Department of Education (DfE) as having a Muslim characteristics1. The following is the summary of the findings:

  1. There are 52 institutes which run 69 schools: 29 primary, 33 secondary school (23 single secondary schools, 5 mixed each with its separate sections for boys and girls) and 7 sixth-forms
  2. There is only one boarding school
  3. The institutes in aggregate have a capacity of 7248 pupils; facilities for 2.6% of the Muslim population of London aged 5-19
  4. School distribution correlate closely with the Muslim population
  5. Schools on average (median) charge £2900, £3175 and £2700 for primary, secondary and sixth-form respectively

How much do they charge

Primary Secondary Sixth-Form
Min £2200 £2250 £2100
Lower Quartile (Q1) £2550 £2850 £2250
Median £2900 £3175 £2700
Upper Quartile (Q3) £3180 £3500 £3000
Max £4500 £6900 £4000

Note: article still in draft.

  • 1. Technically, such institutions will have a commitment of spending 20% of the curriculum time to teaching topics related on Islam.
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