Stop-motion: The Battle of Uhad

This is a quick mockup of the Battle of Uhad. The Battle of Uhad is one of the great battles in Islam fought on 3 Shawwal 3 AH (March, 625 CE). The Muslim army was led by the final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) against the disbelievers of the Quraysh.

I made the stop-motion video using Lapsit Pro on a Samsung S3 fitted on a tripod. I wanted to test the technology so did not put much attention to the aesthetics or lighting; given time, lighting and preparation a good quality product can be made using the technology mentioned. Nevertheless, I should have used an infinity white background for the backdrop rather than the a tea table which would have saved me a lot of time in editing. For the 13 seconds video, I captured 96 frames. The video was hashed together with captions using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

The battle itself focuses on the key aspects rather than every minute detail which can be found in the Sirat Books. If Allah permits and allows time, I will discuss the finer aspects including the strategy, consequences and lessons learnt another time. Here I just wanted to present the technical points. This is a mockup for a more polished demonstration of the battle in the future. For now it should suffice for education purposes.

The pink represents the Quraysh and blue represents the Muslims. Each circle represents 50 people. The semicircle represents cavalry except for the blue on the hill where each semicircle represents 25 archers. The shooting lines signify arrows. These were all made with Play-Doh. The green cutting board was my rendition of Mount Uhad and the post-it note a hill.


Muhammad Saifur Rahman Nawhami
1 Sha’ban 1435
30 May 2014