This is the personal site of Muhammad Saifur Rahman Nawhami. Here all the loose writing and works around the web and elsewhere are gathered into one place as well as adding extra content. Please read The Islamic Studies Bulletin (DIBAJ) and Ijtima for refined articles directed at scholars and the general public respectively.

Nawhami Bulletin

The bulletin is a trade journal and directed primarily at ulama and practioners in the field. The bulletin contains reports, retractions, micrologs (such as tweets), and personal logs (notes).


Nawhami is an Arabic onomastic (nisbat) which means "the one from Newham". Newham is a borough in London, England. Technically, it should have been Newhami (نيوهامي) but in classical Arabic that would be considered ineloquent; the combination of Ya and Waw coupled with the incongruent diacritics is problematic. So there remains three options; Nihami (نيهامي), Nuhami (نُوهامي) and Nawhami (نَوهامي). Nawhami is preferred as it resonates the W from the English, feels closer in pronunciation and lighter on the tongue.