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The differences between zakat, sadaqah and lillah

Classically lillah and sadaqah are synonymous whilst zakat is one of its types. Around our parts, lillah is deemed as unrestricted funds, sadaqah as partially restricted funds which can be used for public works (رفاه عام) according to some while zakat is fully restricted funds which must be only given to specified categories. Some do not make any distinction between sadaqah wajibah and zakat in terms of recipients. Allah knows best.

Muslims in marginal seats – Election 2015

The general election has been called in the UK for 8 June 2017. Conservatives are looking to increase their thin majority and labour is attempting to gain power. The focus is on the 120 marginal seats where the current MP holds a less than 10% majority. In 55 of these seats, Muslims have the numbers to overturn the majority – 24 are held by the Conservatives and 29 by Labour. Muslim citizens have sway – they should use it for good and voice their concerns. See the list and download the data file.